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Blade Barbers Byron Bay








I've been in the shop 15 yrs and cutting hair for 40 yrs now. I'm happy doing the skin fades, mullies traditional cut, long hair, the whole range and happy to create something unique for you. 

Working Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

Tim is a very competent barber and has a calm friendly disposition, he has settled in well to our little team. He does all types of work, fades, mullies, bowlies 

classics and give  a mean shave as well.

Tim Works Mon Wed Thurs Fri Sat


Sean is a local lad that sat in the chair here as a teenager and decided to become a Barber 10 yrs later he has come the full circle back home an turning out some good work ,fades, mullies, and the rest.

He's working on Mondays and  Fridays .

Desperate ?
We're Closed ?
Try Calling Tim he can meet you at the shop after hours. There is a surcharge for this service.
0468 327 770‬





At Blade Barbers Byron Bay we specialise in traditional Mens  Haircuts, Fades, Wet Shaves and Beard trims. 

We are the longest serving and only TRUE Barber Shop in Byron Bay

In such a diverse culture as Byron Bay owner Dave and his crew cover the full range of hair choices for their customers. From old blokes to surfers; schoolkids to dads; business men to alternative men. Established in year 2000 and now in 2021 we continue the tradition providing quality haircuts, clipper cuts, fades and shaves to three generations of Byron Bay locals.

We cut to the hair here. We also add forming waxes or products to finish the look from extreme to the classics. Wet shaves with a straight razor are a great way to treat yourself. Bring your beard in for a trim and shape up with some lush conditioning oils or a bit of Moustache wax to get it curling at the corners. We love to create and to see our customers leave happy.

We are suppliers of King Brown Pomades and carry a wide range of shaving products.

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7/6 Lawson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481

Tel: (02) 6685 5471



Mon - Fri: 9am - 4.30 PM

Sat 9am-12pm

(online bookings and walk ins)